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Horoscope for January: Capricorn

Wer zwischen dem 22. Dezember und dem 20. Januar Geburtstag hat, ist im Sternzeichen Steinbock geboren. Was das Sternzeichen Steinbock über die Persönlichkeit aussagt und welche Eigenschaften laut Astrologie typisch für Steinbock-Geborene sind, erfahren Sie in unserem Januar-Horoskop.

For Capricorns the only way is up. Ambitious, hard-working and disciplined, you climb up the steepest part of a mountain without looking back. But as an earth sign, you need to remember to stay grounded – even if that ground is at the top of the mountain. Being down-to-earth is what makes you trustworthy and reliable: traits that have helped you build strong friendships. But being a “rock” that friends and family can always rely on is a bit much sometimes. Showing your softer side might help. Why not use your birthday as an opportunity to do so? Rather than having a birthday party this year, celebrate with a romantic dinner for two.

New Year’s resolution tip: As fiercely ambitious as you are, New Year’s resolutions aren’t a joke for you. Lose weight? Get fit? Organise your finances? All you need to do is figure out what you want in 2020 and go for it.

Capricorn Steinbock — hard-working fleißig — steep steil — earth sign Erdzeichen — to stay grounded (fig) mit den Füßen auf dem Boden bleiben — down to earth (fig) bodenständig — trustworthy vertrauenswürdig — reliable zuverlässig — trait Charaktereigenschaft — rock (fig) Fels — to rely on s.o. s. auf jdn. verlassen — to be a bit much (for s.o.) (fig) (jdm.) zu viel sein — opportunity Gelegenheit  — New Year’s resolution gute Vorsätze fürs neue Jahr — fiercely ambitious voller Ehrgeiz (f. vehement) — to lose weight abspecken — to organise one’s finances seine Finanzen regeln — to figure out herausfinden — to go for it (coll) einfach (damit) loslegen