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Horoscope for February: Aquarius

Wer zwischen dem 21. Januar und dem 19. Februar geboren ist, besitzt das Tierkreiszeichen Wassermann. Was dieses Sternzeichen über die Persönlichkeit aussagt und welche Eigenschaften laut Astrologie typisch für Wassermänner und -frauen sind, erfahren Sie in unserem Februar-Horoskop.

Aquarians are visionaries. The world is a place full of possibilities for you. As the water-bearer sign, you shower the world with your great ideas. Intellectual and inventive, you enjoy thinking up ways to improve things. But you want to do more than just think about it, you’re here to change the world, after all! Aquarians love helping others and fighting for good causes. However, your determined nature means you can sometimes come across as stubborn and fixed in your opinions. Remember to listen to all sides and be open to other perspectives. As one of the most unconventional zodiac signs, you are known to have a very individual sense of style. You don’t just follow the crowd and you’re not afraid of dressing boldly. Friends value your creativity, as well as your courage.

Valentine’s Day tip: You love your independence and always need space for yourself. But be careful not to push others away! People may think you’re a bit aloof, but that’s just a defence mechanism. For some time now, you’ve had your eye on that special someone who you’ve noticed wants to make the world a better place, too. Perhaps it’s time to drop your guard – go ahead and send that Valentine’s Day card.

Aquarius Wassermann — visionary Visionär — water-bearer Wasserträger — to shower s.o. with s.th. jdn. mit etw. überschütten — inventive erfinderisch — after all immerhin — good cause guter Zweck — to be determined entschlossen sein — to come across as … als … rüberkommen — stubborn stur — to be fixed in o.’s opinions Meinung zu vielen Dingen haben —  zodiac sign Tierkreiszeichen — individual individuell — to dress boldly (gern) ausgefallene Kleidung tragen — to value (s.th.) (etw. zu) schätzen (wissen) — creativity Kreativität — courage Mut — independence Unabhängigkeit — to push s.o. away (fig) jdn. vor den Kopf stoßen — to be aloof unnahbar — defence mechanism Abwehrmechanismus — to have o.’s eye on s.o. ein Auge auf jdn. geworfen haben — that special s.o. jmd.,an dem man ein romantisches Interesse hat — to drop one’s guard (fig) sein Visier öffnen — go ahead tu’s einfach