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Department store launches line of dolls with Down’s syndrome

In diesem Auszug aus der Read On berichten wir von der Kaufhaus-Kette Kmart, welche seit neuestem auch Puppen mit Down-Syndrom in ihr Sortiment aufgenommen hat. Den vollständigen Artikel finden Sie in der Mai-Ausgabe der Read On


Kmart’s Baby Charlie is a step towards more inclusion and diversity in the world of children’s toys. 

By Franziska Lange

For a long time, dolls have all looked more or less the same. But in recent years, toymakers have been trying to better reflect the diversity found in real people in the dolls they make. The hope is that more children will feel represented. Now, the department store Kmart is offering a pair of dolls with Down’s syndrome in its stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The dolls fo the Baby Charlie line are part of Kmart’s diverse collection, which also includes a visually impaired doll and a doll in a wheelchair. John Gualtieri, the Kmart retail director for Australia and New Zealand, said Kmart is “committed to championing inclusion and diversity”.

The dolls were made in consultation with Down syndrome Australia. The association is happy that Kmart contacted them about their ideas and that children can now “find dolls that look like them or their friends”, as they write on their website. (…)

Den vollständigen Artikel finden Sie in der aktuellen Ausgabe der Read On!


0 – 1 department store Kaufhaus – to launch einführen – line Produktreihe – step Schritt – diversity Vielfalt – in recent years in letzter Zeit – toymaker Spielzeughersteller – to reflect widerspiegeln – to feel represented sich vertreten fühlen – to offer anbieten – store Geschäft

2 – 3 diverse divers, vielfältig – visually impaired sehbehindert – wheelchair Rollstuhl – retail director Verkaufleiter(in) – to be committed to doing s.th. es sich zur Aufgabe machen, etw. zu tun – to champion sich einsetzen für – in consultation with nach Beratung mit – association Verband

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