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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe returns

Nach einem Jahr der gezwungenen Corona-Pause kehrt das Fringe-Festival in Edinburgh dieses Jahr im August endlich zurück. In diesem Auszug aus einem Artikel aus der aktuellen Ausgabe der Read On erfahren Sie mehr über das berühmte Stadtfestival. Den vollständigen Artikel finden Sie in der August-Ausgabe der Read On


After not taking place last summer for the first time in almost 75 years, the fun-filled Fringe is back this August. 

By Franziska Lange

1 All the world’s a stage” – change this famous line from one of Shakespeare’s plays to “All the city’s a stage” and you get an idea of what Edinburgh is like in August.

2 For three weeks, thousands of performers from all around the world head to Scotland’s beautiful capital city to ply their trade. The streets bustle with people watching the live shows. The medieval Royal Mile becomes the heart of street events. That’s where artists advertise their shows by giving people flyers and doing little sketches to get them to come to their gigs.

3 With more than 3,000 performances, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest arts and culture festival in the world. Audiences get to see famous artists as well as new performers. There are shows for every taste, including comedy, dance, cabaret, children’s theatre, and opera. There’s so much to choose from that some people compare the Fringe programme book to a phone directory.

4 People who have been to the Fringe say part of the fun is that you never quite know what you’re going to get when picking a show. And hundreds of shows are free; the others cost only a few pounds. (…)

Den vollständigen Artikel finden Sie in der aktuellen Ausgabe der Read On!


0 – 1  fringe Rand(erscheinung); h.: Nebenveranstaltung (Erklärung im Kontext: siehe Absatz 6) — to take place stattfinden — stage Bühne — line Zeile

2 performer Darsteller(in) — to head to … sich nach … begeben — to ply o.’s trade (fig) seinem Handwerk nachgehen — to bustle wimmeln — medieval mittelalterlich — to advertise s.th. für etw. Werbung machen — gig Vorstellung

3–4 audience Publikum — taste Geschmack — opera Oper — to compare vergleichen — phone directory Telefonbuch – to pick aussuchen