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Love idioms

Liebe liegt in der Luft! Am Valentinstag feiert man Partnerschaft und Freundschaft mit kleinen Aufmerksamkeiten. Überhäufen Sie die liebsten Menschen in Ihrem Leben gern mit Pralinen und Blumen? Oder halten Sie alles nur für eine Masche der Grußkartenindustrie? So oder so haben wir einige nützliche englische Redewendungen rund um das Thema Liebe für Sie zusammengestellt.

There are lots of idioms in the English language that describe all the nuances of love, from the first fluttering of your heart when you spot that one special person and the intense feelings as you get to know them to the sadness and hurt when the relationship ends.

Here are some expressions you can use to talk about love:

to have a crush on someone: to be attracted to someone, though you don’t know yet if they feel the same way

to carry a torch for someone: to secretly admire or love someone

to be smitten: to like someone very much and think about them all the time, often said early in a relationship – “I’m smitten with you!”

being lovey-dovey: a colloquial way of saying that a couple is extremely romantic and affectionate – it can be a bit much for the people around them

to be head over heels in love: to be madly in love

they’re joined at the hip: they like being together all the time

a match made in heaven: people who are perfect for one another

You’re the apple of my eye: I’m extremely fond of you

to dump someone: a colloquial way of saying “to break up with someone”

old flame: a colloquial phrase to refer to a former partner

Love me, love my dog / Love me, warts and all: said to convey that the other person should ideally accept everything about you, even your flaws


Foto: Pixabay