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70 years of Read On: electric cars in the June issue

Man sieht es ihr nicht an, aber die Read On wird dieses Jahr 70! Dieses Jubiläum nehmen wir zum Anlass, auf die vergangenen sieben Jahrzehnte zurückzublicken. Dazu stöbern wir in unseren Archiven und veröffentlichen jeden Monat im Jahr 2023 einen Artikel aus einer Read-On-Ausgabe der letzten 70 Jahre. Da die Read On aber noch lange nicht old school ist, gibt es dazu einen frischen, neuen Blick auf das Thema aus dem Hier und Jetzt – ganz new school. In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Read On geht es um Elektroautos und dabei um einen Rückblick auf die technischen Möglichkeiten im Jahr 1979 und neue Regeln im Jahr 2023.


Can we build a better car?

1                 About 40 percent of the United States’ oil, refined into gasoline, winds up in the gas tanks of cars. The United States is a nation on wheels. There are more than 100 million – one car for every two people. Gasoline prices are going up, because of the growing shortage of oil. So far, most people haven’t cut down on their driving. But many Americans are thinking about smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

2                 Can we build a better car – one that doesn’t use as much gasoline, or doesn’t need gasoline at all? Let’s look ahead for a moment, to the year 2000. You’re getting into your new car. Does it start without a trace of exhaust? Ride silently, with just a slight hum? Operate on some fuel other than gasoline?

                Probably not. “By the year 2000, there won’t be any breakthroughs,” says a Chrysler Corporation official. “The technology’s not out there yet. It takes billions of dollars to come out with a completely different kind of car. And there’s not enough time to do it by the year 2000.”

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0–1             to refine raffinieren — gas(oline) (AE) Benzin (brit.: petrol) — to wind up in am Ende landen in — shortage of Knappheit an — so far bis jetzt — to cut down on einschränken — fuel-efficient benzinsparend

2                 … at all überhaupt kein … — to look ahead (fig) in die Zukunft blicken — trace Spur — exhaust Abgase, Auspuffgas(e) — silently geräuschlos — slight klein, leicht — hum Summen — to operate funktionieren, laufen

3                 breakthrough Durchbruch — Chrysler Corporation bedeutende amerikan. Automobilfabrik in Detroit — official leitende(r) Angestellte(r) — to be out there (coll) so weit sein — billion Milliarde — to come out with herausbringen


New rules could mean two-thirds of cars electric by 2032


The EPA has proposed new tailpipe emissions limits that could see a majority of Americans shift to electric vehicles in the near future.

By Siobhan Bruns

1                 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed strict limits to tailpipe emissions. One for heavier vehicles like buses and trailer-trucks and one for cars and light trucks.

2                 The rules would be for all new vehicles sold between 2027 and 2032 and could reduce average emissions by more than half of what they are now, Scientific American writes. In a country where most greenhouse-gas emissions come from transport, that could make a big difference.

                “These actions will accelerate the ongoing transition to a clean-vehicle future, tackle the climate crisis and improve our air quality for communities across the country”, Michael Regan, an EPA administrator, said.

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0                 rule Vorschrift — two-thirds zwei Drittel — EPA = Environmental Protection Agency US-Umweltschutzbehörde — to propose vorschlagen — tailpipe emissions Abgasemissionen — limit Grenzwert — majority Mehrheit — to shift to s.th. auf etw. umsteigen — electric vehicle Elektrofahrzeug

1–2             trailer-truck Sattelschlepper — light truck kleinerer Lkw — average durchschnittlich — greenhouse-gas Treibhausgas-

                action Maßnahme — to accelerate s.th. etw. beschleunigen — ongoing laufend — transition Übergang — to tackle s.th. etw. bewältigen — community Gemeinde — administrator leitende(r) Mitarbeiter(in)   

Foto: Pixabay