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Horoscope for April: Aries

Wer zwischen dem 21. März und dem 20. April geboren wurde, zählt zum Sternzeichen Widder. In unserem Monats-Horoskop erfahren Sie mehr über die typischen Eigenschaften dieses energiegeladenen Feuerzeichens.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is always one step ahead of everyone else. You don’t wait for adventure to knock on your door; you go looking for it. Your ruling planet is Mars and your element is fire – this explains why you’re courageous, determined, and confident. You are liked by all kinds of people and enjoy socialising, but achievement and results are more important to you than anything else. Perhaps this is why others find you impatient sometimes. Some may also think you’re too direct, but you just want to be honest. You stand by your friends when others don’t: something they’re grateful for. Driven, ambitious, and competitive, don’t forget to take time to smell the roses, Aries – it is springtime, after all!

Easter tip: You’re unstoppable this time of year, when your birthday month and Easter fall together. You’re the most active of the zodiac signs and the life of every party. Why not combine those two traits and plan some amazing get-togethers for both your birthday and Easter?

Aries Widder — sign of the zodiac Tierkreiszeichen — to be one step ahead einen Schritt voraus sein — ruling herrschend — courageous mutig — determined entschlossen — confident selbstsicher — achievement Erfolg, Leistung — result Resultat — impatient ungeduldig — honest ehrlich — to stand by s.o. zu jdm. stehen — grateful dankbar — driven ehrgeizig, getrieben — ambitious ehrgeizig — to be competitive Freude am Wettbewerb haben — the life of the party (fig) Stimmungskanone — trait Charakterzug — amazing wunderbar — get-together Treffen

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