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Horoscope for March: Pisces

Zwischen dem 20. Februar und dem 20. März Geborene zählen zum Sternzeichen Fische. Welche Eigenschaften diese sensiblen Wasserwesen haben, lesen Sie in unserem März-Horoskop.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, an old soul with deep feelings and great wisdom. Neptune is your ruling planet, which means that you’re creative and imaginative. Pisces are gentle, easygoing and friendly souls who listen when a friend has problems – but being so compassionate and sensitive, you often end up crying more than the person you want to help. Asking others to listen when you have a problem is another story: you don’t find that easy and sometimes feel like nobody understands you. As an idealistic star sign, you often wear rose-coloured glasses and escape into a dream world. But you can’t swim away from all your problems! Remember that with intelligence and hard work you can brave even the biggest waves.

Tip for what to give up for Lent: Use the time before Easter to cut down on your social media use. Perhaps you’ve been using the internet to escape from reality. Reconnect with those who matter to you. Spend evenings with your family. Play a board or card game, go for a walk, or just catch up over a long meal.

Pisces Fische — sign of the zodiac Tierkreiszeichen — soul Seele — wisdom Weisheit — ruling herrschend — imaginative fantasievoll — gentle sanft — easygoing entspannt, gelassen — compassionate mitfühlend — sensitive sensibel — to end up doing am Ende tun — rose-coloured glasses rosarote Brille — to escape flüchten — to brave s.th. einer Sache trotzen — wave Welle — Lent Fastenzeit — to cut down on s.th. etw. zurückfahren — to reconnect with s.o. wieder mehr Zeit mit jdm. verbringen — to matter to s.o. jdm. wichtig sein — to catch up sich nach längerer Zeit wieder ausgiebig unterhalten

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