Horoscope for May: Taurus

Zwischen dem 21. April und dem 20. Mai Geborene zählen zum Sternzeichen Stier und gelten als echte Genuss-Menschen. Welche Eigenschaften dieses bodenständigen Sternzeichen noch auszeichnen, lesen Sie in unserem Mai-Horoskop.

The bull is one of the strongest zodiac signs. Dedicated, patient and a little stubborn, Taurus is someone who gets things done. You’re not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and working hard towards your goals. But you don’t rush to get there, because with Venus as your ruling planet, you also love the good life. A good meal, beautiful things and a little luxury here and there make you happy. Your pleasant and affectionate nature helps you make friends quickly. Taurus is a friend for life who is supportive and sees the best in others. Friends often turn to you for advice because you’re practical and realistic – the voice of reason in tough situations. Sometimes you get stuck in your comfort zone. You don’t want the boat rocked and you don’t like it when others attack your opinions. Just keep an open mind and try doing something new from time to time. It will broaden your horizons and make you an even stronger and more interesting person than you already are! 

Pentecost tip: The holiday is the perfect time to take it easy after all your hard work. A hot bath with aromatic oils may be just the thing to help you unwind. Or perhaps just listening to some relaxing music. It will give you fresh energy for something new, like starting the food blog you’ve been planning for so long or redecorating your room to make it even more attractive and comfortable.

Taurus Sternzeichen Stier — zodiac sign Tierkreiszeichen — dedicated engagiert — patient geduldig — stubborn stur — to roll up o.’s sleeves die Ärmel hochkrempeln — goal Ziel — ruling herrschend — the good life die schönen Dinge im Leben — luxury Luxus — pleasant freundlich, angenehm — affectionate liebevoll — to be supportive (of s.o.) (jdn.) unterstützen — to turn to s.o. for advice sich bei jdm. Rat holen —practical praktisch veranlagt — voice of reason Stimme der Vernunft — tough schwierig — to get stuck in s.th. aus etw. nicht herauskommen — to rock the boat für Unruhe sorgen — opinion Meinung — mind h.: Einstellung — to broaden o.’s horizons seinen Horizont erweitern — Pentecost Pfingsten — to unwind abschalten — to redecorate verschönern — comfortable gemütlich

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