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Horoscope for June: Gemini

Wer zwischen dem 21. Mai und dem 21. Juni geboren ist, zählt zu den geselligen und lebhaften Zwillingen. Welche Eigenschaften noch typisch für das Sternzeichen Zwilling sind, erfahren Sie in unserem Juni-Horoskop.

The twins, the third sign of the zodiac, make great company. Fun, lively, and witty, you have no trouble making friends. You love socialising and communicating. No surprise – words are your superpower, whether you’re writing a text, reading a book, or talking while others are hanging on your every word. This is because you’re ruled by Mercury, which gives you a lot of energy. You love new experiences, you’re adventurous and you have the strength of two. Geminis are also strong intellectually. You’re curious and love learning new things, forever looking for ideas and information. But because you dislike boredom, routines, and repetition, you sometimes only scratch the surface before going on to the next thing that interests you. Try and focus more. Some things are worth diving deeper into!

Summer solstice tip: Your ability to always look on the bright side helps you get through these difficult times. As an imaginative person, you enjoy time on your own to read, write and do other creative things. But you’re also very sociable, so how about throwing a party – virtually if you’re still in lockdown – for your friends on Midsummer Night?

GEMINI Sternzeichen Zwilling — sign of the zodiac Tierkreiszeichen — s.o. makes great company mit jdm. umgibt man sich gern (c. Gesellschaft) — (to be) fun lustig (sein) — lively lebhaft, quirlig — witty geistreich, witzig — socialising sich mit Freunden treffen — superpower Superkraft — to hang on s.o.s every word an jds. Lippen hängen — to rule beherrschen — Mercury Merkur — experience Erlebnis, Erfahrung — adventurous abenteuerlustig — strength Kraft curious neugierig — to dislike nicht mögen — boredom Langeweile — repetition Wiederholung — to scratch the surface  (fig) an der Oberfläche kratzen — to focus sich auf eine Sache konzentrieren — to be worth es wert sein — to dive into eintauchen — solstice Sonnenwende — ability Fähigkeit — to look on the bright side das Positive sehen — imaginative einfallsreich — escape from Flucht aus — to be sociable sich gern mit Menschen umgeben — virtually  virtuell — lockdown Ausgangssperre

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